Carry My Soul to Purgatory (Prince of Persia [PG-13])

Title: Carry My Soul to Purgatory
Fandom: Prince of Persia (2008 game)
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Prince/Elika
Summary: What is one grain of sand in the desert? One grain amongst the storm?
Notes: This was a quick write; 1sentence challenge. There are numerous spoilers for the game in here. Most, if not all, of the dialogue, whether paraphrased or not, is taken from the game (though I can't promise it is all verbatim). I am going to say this now: IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE GAME AND PLAN TO DO SO AT SOME POINT DO NOT READ THIS. It will spoil the game horrifically for you. I mean it! Aside from that, please do enjoy the snark that I love Prince of Persia so much for.

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